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About Us

Who We Are

At St. Leonard’s Place Peel (SLPP) we understand that situations of mental illness, addiction, or conflict with the law can be difficult to overcome. We also acknowledge that, with the right supports and a strong personal commitment to change, a brighter future is possible.

For more than 45 years, St. Leonard’s Place Peel has offered a space of healing and reintegration for men 18 years and older. Our supportive housing program and wraparound supports provide men dedicated to their recovery journey with an opportunity of a fresh start.

SLPP’s model of care is strengths-based and person-centered. Every client is engaged as a partner in a plan of care that is customized to the needs of the individual seeking support. Each client is supported by a multidisciplinary team of staff with expertise across a broad range of professional backgrounds – including social work, nursing, personal support work, nutrition counselling, psychiatry, criminal justice, and recreational therapy.

Mission, Vision, and Goals

Who we are and what we do.

St. Leonard’s Place Peel provides community-based residential support for men over 16 years of age who have significant mental health and substance abuse problems, as well as those who have had involvement with the justice system.

We have developed and implemented a unique approach to respond to the full range and intensity of needs of our residents who are often not served by our community health and aftercare agencies, and who have challenges accessing community-based, or supported housing.

We are committed to building a safer and healthier community by remaining a transparent and active neighbour in the Region of Peel. SLPP believes every member of our community has value and purpose in life and, with the appropriate support, can make a contribution.


We will be an innovative leader committed to building safe and healthier communities of inclusion that care for and value each and every individual.


St. Leonard’s Place Peel is committed to community safety and inclusion by providing support and services to individuals at risk in a residential facility with a family-like atmosphere promoting belonging, dignity, nourishment, education, and employment opportunities.

Philosophy of Care

Our counselling services and programs are designed to enhance the client experience through capacity building frameworks that are practical, responsive, and evidence-based.

We utilize supportive counselling and clinical modalities within a multidisciplinary team environment to create an environment that is client-centered, holistic, and integrative in its approach.

As partners in care, we believe our role is to guide the recovery and reintegration process, and client’s role is to own and drive that process forward.

Our Evidence-Based Approach

For 40 years, St. Leonard’s Place, Peel has offered supportive housing with intensive case management, and an integrated set of services and supports that treat individuals and their needs as unique and their lives as holistic. In other words, SLPP’s community and staff have long since recognized that for individuals to be healthy, resilient and their lives to be fulfilling and whole, they need to experience and engage in a variety of interactions and activities and achieve a life balance. This is why our intensive and integrated case-management approach includes a variety of needs and asset assessments, as well as a multitude of programming and supports, from psychiatric counseling to life skills, to group outings, employment opportunities, recreational activities, and much more.

Supportive Housing

St. Leonard’s Place combines housing and many services in one location (i.e., a one-stop shop), which is a cost-effective model for providing intensive support for helping people live more stable and productive lives. It has been shown, through cost-benefit analysis, that the supportive housing model is preferable to other approaches that encourage the homeless population to cycle through emergency shelters, hospitals, detention facilities, rehab centres and the streets. The positive social, economic and community impacts of this housing approach have been studied and documented numerous times.


The Beginning of St. Leonard’s Place Peel

“I am not my brother’s keeper. I am my brother’s brother.”

– Sir Robert Williams, K.S.S., C.M., O.M.C.

Sir Robert Williams was instrumental in establishing St. Leonard’s House in Windsor in 1962. Two years later, Sir Robert moved his family to Bramalea where he soon became involved with the St. Vincent de Paul Society delivering Christmas packages to men at the Brampton foundry. That altruistic nature would lead him to open his home to inmates who had nowhere else to go.

A Board of Directors was formed that comprised like-minded, motivated and dedicated members of the community. Two-and-a-half acres of land were donated by Bramalea Limited. And on June 21, 1971, Sir Robert Williams’s dream became a reality and SLPP opened its doors to 21 men.


Over the years, SLPP steadily grew from its modest beginnings. An expansion to the residence allowed for more rooms in 1987 and a major new addition in 2000 almost doubled the agency’s capacity. This was also when SLPP expanded its mission, from only serving federal parolees, to providing services to those facing vulnerability to homelessness and mental illness.

Another major expansion in 2007 gave another 24 rooms and an expanded, professional kitchen to serve the growing population. Two new floors were added to a residence in 2012, bringing an additional 21 beds to the agency.

St. Leonard’s Place Peel, Today

SLPP has grown from a modest 21-bed halfway house to a major transitional housing provider in the region with a 115-bed capacity and a multi-disciplinary care team. The first four decades of SLPP saw the agency grow in its commitment to providing men with the tools they need for a brighter future – and it is this consistent commitment to excellence that will continue the growth and development of St. Leonard’s Place Peel as we look forward to the next decades in front of us.

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

At SLPP, we are committed to transparency and accountability. We take pride in responsibly managing every dollar we receive. Our most recent and past financial statements indicate where all of our funds come from and how they’re used.

St. Leonard`s Place Peel is a Registered Charity and is regulated under the Canadian Income Tax Act through the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency.

Our Charitable Registration Number is: 119185098RR0001

If you would like to see our Registered Charity Information Return, please click:

Board of Directors – 2018-2019

Diane Doherty, President

Judy Labelle, Vice President

Irfan Hassan, Treasurer

Maciej Lipinski, Secretary

Gumti Raghunauth

Mona Mann

Doug Mabee

Strategic Plan

We are currently developing our three-year Strategic Plan. Please check back here shortly for more information!


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It's How We Care

We're a non-profit organization. Every bit of support that we receive is greatly appreciated and goes towards funding programs and services we provide to our clients.

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