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Applications for Residency

Community Residential Facility

Our Reintegration Program (CRF) offers case management and correctional planning in a supportive living environment for men transitioning from correctional facilities. Applicants must show commitment to living a pro-social and law-abiding lifestyle. Applications are completed via Correctional Services Canada (CSC) or self-referral while in a CSC facility.

Residency Application Form

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Accountability Assessment


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New Leaf Program

Provides housing and wraparound supports to adult men in the community overcoming situations of homelessness due to acute mental illness and/or substance abuse. Clients are required to demonstrate reasonable level of stabilization in their recovery journey as well as a readiness to live a substance-free lifestyle. Service provider and self-referral accepted.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • 21 to 60 years of age
  • Ability to comply with house rules, treatment programs, work requirements (when applicable), and curfews
  • Agreement to actively participate in case management plans and processes
  • 30 days of sobriety prior to intake
  • 3 months of mental health stability or actively taking medication
  • Willing to live in an abstinence environment
  • Demonstrated high accountability and dedication to making positive life changes
Expression of Interest for Residency Form

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It's How We Care

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