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St. Leonard’s Place Peel

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St. Leonard’s Place Peel (SLPP) is a non-profit charitable organization that provides transitional and reintegration housing for men dealing with situations of homelessness, mental illness, addiction and/or conflict with the law. For 50 years SLPP has delivered a variety of programs and services that provide residents with a safe and healing environment where they can rebuild their lives, maintain their wellness, and reintegrate back into society.

The mandate of the organization focuses on community safety and inclusion through capacity-building supports that promote belonging, dignity, nourishment, education, and employment opportunities. We acknowledge that, with the right support and a strong personal commitment to change, a brighter future is possible.







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  • COVID-19, A Community Response.

    Click here to access St. Leonard’s Place Peel’s (SLPP) COVID-19 infection control strategy.  The strategy is led by our COVID Response Team who have been instrumental in guiding the implementation of the strategy across the organization. Additionally, we thank all our frontline workers, program and administrative staff who work hard each day to execute these best practice guidelines which have helped to secure the health and safety of SLPP’s internal community.

    During these uncertain times, we are thankful to our funders and partners for their invaluable support and consultation.  Correctional Service Canada, The Region of Peel and United Way of Greater Toronto – you have been exemplary in your support of our infectious disease control plan and overall care of our community.

    Once again, for more information about our strategy – please click this link.

    SLPP COVID -19 Immunization Policy


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