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St. Leonard’s Place Peel (SLPP) offers supportive housing to men who have had a conflict with the law and are now transitioning back into society, and for men who have experienced homelessness, mental illness and/or addiction. SLPP provides a variety of programs and services that provide our clients with a safe and healing environment to recover, rebuild their lives and reintegrate back into society.

Residential Programs

St. Leonard’s Place Peel offers three steams of supportive housing programs:

New Leaf Program

Provides housing and wraparound supports to adult men in the community overcoming situations of homelessness due to acute mental illness and/or substance abuse. Clients are required to demonstrate a reasonable level of stabilization in their recovery journey as well as a readiness to live a substance-free lifestyle. Referrals may come from service providers or from self-referrals.

Community Residential Facility Program

Offers housing support to men on conditional release from a federal correctional facility. Applicants must show a commitment to the program and to their reintegration plan. Applications are referred through Correctional Services Canada (CSC) or self-referral while in a CSC facility.

Graduate Program

Clients 50 years or older who have successfully transitioned from either the New Leaf Program or the Community Residential Facility Program may apply for residency as a Graduate. This program builds the capacity of men advanced in age to eventually live independently with confidence in the broader community. Applications by internal SLPP referral only.

Recreational Therapy Program

Our Recreation Therapy Program is designed to improve and restore physical and mental health wellness among clients. Classes and activities focus on:

  • Improving clients’ physical and mental health.
  • Strengthening self-esteem and interpersonal skills.
  • Encouraging healthy and active lifestyles and a greater sense of accomplishment.
  • Realize the benefits of a healthy leisure lifestyle

Programs Offered:

A New Fit You & Stretching is an exercise program for residents that is designed to assist participants in achieving personal fitness goals. The program incorporates a variety of fitness assessments and practices to safely attain and track progress.

Creative Time is an arts and crafts program that provides clients with the time, space, and inspiration to express their creativity in a variety of forms via a variety of artistic media.

Drop-In Games is a sports-based program that incorporates a variety of recreational activities. The goal of this program is to give residents the opportunity to learn and develop their sports-related skills. Games are modified to accommodate the capabilities of all residents. Structured tournaments are scheduled for popular sports up to 3 times a year. The program provides improved physical and social health for clients.

Leisure Ed addresses the component of therapeutic recreation focused on the development of leisure skills, attitudes, and knowledge, with the goal of improving quality of life. Based on the Leisure Education Content Model, this program incorporates leisure awareness, leisure resources, social interaction skills, and leisure activity skills developed by Peterson and Gunn.

Striding Towards Change is a group walking/jogging program for residents. The group’s goal is to train towards walking 5km and entering a charity event together. Training will include incremental progression towards 5km distance; each session will include warming up, walking, and stretching. The program provides improved physical, social, and emotional health for residents.

Mind At Ease provides clients with a variety of relaxation methods. The goal is to produce the body’s natural relaxation response, characterized by slower breathing, lower blood pressure, and a feeling of increased wellbeing. One relaxation method is taught at each session. Relaxation methods include (but are not limited to): autogenic training, deep-breathing or breathing exercises, guided imagery, progressive relaxation, self hypnosis, yoga, tai-chi, and stretching. The program provides improved physical, cognitive, spiritual, and emotional health for residents.

Library Time gives residents the opportunity to access books, browse library resources, and access a computer at the local library. The goal of the program is to encourage residents to explore their interests and develop new ones.

Cooking Skills is designed to give clients an opportunity to develop basic culinary skills as a group. The goal of the program is to get clients engaged in an activity that is both a practical life skill and used for recreational fun.

Life Skills Program

Our Life Skills Program is designed to equip and empower clients with the tools to live full and productive lives during and after their residency as SLPP. The educational workshops provide clients with the opportunity to learn about critical life skills in the areas of:

  • Personal / Self-Care
  • Understanding Oneself
  • Goal Setting
  • Nutrition and Healthy Living
  • Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Leadership and Initiating Change

Meal Program

Residents of SLPP are served three nutritious meals daily. Our full-time kitchen staff and professional-grade kitchen work 365 days a year to prepare hearty meals that follow the Canada’s Food Guide to ensure nutritional nourishment. Our excellent kitchen staff are also available to cater events upon request.

Support Programs

SLPP’s Support Programs are evidence-based and provide clients with an opportunity to better understand their situations of mental illness or addiction and how to manage these conditions effectively over the long term. Support Programs focus on mental health management, relapse prevention, treatment compliance, and many other topics that help to build the capacity of clients to effectively deal with situations of mental illness and addiction.

Recovery Group –   a topically driven discussion group for individuals committed to working on their sobriety and relapse prevention plans.

Me, Myself and I – a group designed to inform and educate participants about symptom management in relation to their mental health conditions.

Smoking Cessation and Stress Management – strategies for quitting smoking and managing related stress.

Invictus – Relapse prevention education, learning to set and commit to goals, understanding and developing strategies for sound decision making, as well as building routines and managing the obstacles of daily living.

Communication Styles and Conflict Resolution – program designed to help participants develop an understanding of the styles of communication, improving communication to get what they need, as well as developing skills in conflict resolution.

Jammin’ – Music Therapy group which will involve mindfulness exercises, song writing and expression through music.

Aligning Seniors Against Poverty (ASAP)


Aligning Seniors Against Poverty (ASAP) is a St. Leonard’s Place Peel initiative designed to alleviate the effects of poverty among senior men; particularly those with the overlapping experiences of mental illness, addiction, and/or conflict with the law.

Furthermore, ASAP aims to address the lack of a targeted poverty reduction strategy for seniors with overlapping barriers.

ASAP Streams:

Direct service: Focus on building financial security, prosocial network building, and the next stage of life planning for clients.
ASAP endeavors to alleviate the fear of not being able to ‘make it’ elsewhere by building a strong circle of support.
ASAP offers the provision of supportive housing with specific poverty retention wrap-around supports.

Professional Capacity Building: Skill-building and training sessions for professionals on the topic of best practice in senior service engagement.
ASAP aims to close the knowledge gap by sharing best practice guidelines in relation to seniors in service engagement with various interdisciplinary organizations.

Advisory Council: Comprises of training, consultation, and feedback from seniors with lived experiences of mental illness, addiction, and/or conflict with the law in contribution to the program and to continually improve strategies.
ASAP hopes to shed light through the perspective of seniors with lived experience, ensuring the target groups engagement and participation in the development of poverty reduction strategies.


The ASAP program is now open for referrals:

Download the ASAP referral form here:




Please complete, scan and email to

Or fill in this online form:

ASAP Referral Form

Client Information

Referral Source (If Applicable)

Income Source/Benefits (Select all that apply)

Please Indicate the Reason for the Referral (Select all that apply)

Out of the Cold


St. Leonard’s Place Peel’s Out of the Cold program provides overnight shelter to men 18 years and older..

The program runs from November 13, 2023 to March 15, 2024 and is open from 6:00pm to 7:30am each night.

Location: 1105 Queen St. East, Brampton (the corner of West Drive and Queen St.), in the gymnasium.

Guests are provided with a warm bed, snacks, personal hygiene items, shower and laundry facilities.

Call 437-332-9081 to reserve a bed and for more information between 5pm-8am.

The program is generously supported by the Region of Peel.

In From the Heat


St. Leonard’s Place Peel’s In from the Heat program provides day shelter from the warm summer temperatures to men experiencing homelessness.

The program is open  at 1105 Queen St. East, Brampton (the corner of West Drive and Queen St.), in the Gymnasium and runs from June 19th to September 9th.

Hours of operation: 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Guests are provided with a lunch, snacks, personal hygiene items, shower and laundry facilities.

Call 437-332-9081 for more information Walk-ins also welcome.

The program is generously supported by the Region of Peel.

This service is for men

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